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7 Best TRUNK Bike Racks in 2018

If you are looking for the best trunk bike racks in 2018, then you’ve come to the right place. First of all, trunk bike carriers are less expensive than hitch-mount or even roof-mount, loading/unloading is extremely easy, it can be used on multiple vehicles, making it a great choice for occasional use. Some bike carrier manufacturers […]

5 Best ROOF Bike Racks in 2018

Searching for the best roof bike rack in 2018? So are we. To help, we analyzed 5 models before purchasing any of them. The bicycle may be the most efficient means of transportation ever created, if you are an adventurer and also a nature lover, you likely use your bike for recreation as well. Our […]

10 Best HITCH Bike Racks in 2018

If you enjoy biking and traveling distances to discover new places on your bike with your family in 2018, then the new top-rated hitch bike racks might be your best choice. No matter which type your bike is or if you have children’s bikes or women’s bikes, these state of the art hitch bike racks […]

10 Best Bike Racks for SUV in 2018

Finding the best bike rack for your SUV or car in 2018 is not the easiest thing to do. You might think that having so many options would make the things easier…well, not all the time. Each bike carrier has its own features and each one of them has some advantages and disadvantages compared with […]