How to Install a Bike Rack on Your Car/SUV?

Cycling is a great outdoor activity and this is the perfect time of the year for it. If you need to do some exercises and get that heart pumping, it is time to invest in a bike rack. This is the best way to transport your bike in an area that can provide a great place to exercise and a wonderful view as a bonus.

Mounting a bike on the trunk of your car can be a little tricky, but nothing a few instructions won’t fix. Of course, there are different types of racks and therefore different ways to get that bike on your car, but you are in good hands.

We will start with the hitch mounted rack.

See below the steps that need to be followed, but also read the instructions provided by the manufacturer of the rack before starting the installation.

Step 1

Insert the bike rack shank into the vehicle receiver tube. Secure with ½ inch hex head bolt, flat washer, star washer, and clip.

Step 2

Install the safety support strap and then loop it to the center section of the bike rack where the arms connect the bike rack post. Then you need to hook the strap buckle to the back of the tow vehicle and then make sure there is no bounce in the rack.

Step 3

Install the bikes on the rack and secure with the provided rubber bike arm straps. Make sure you have secured the cross post and seat post to the rack. It is very important to know that when towing more than one bike, you need to alternate the directions the bikes are facing on the rack.


Let’s move to the next one, the trunk-mounted rack installation instructions, just in case the trunk mounted rack is something you need.

Step 1

You need to place the rack onto the trunk of your vehicle. The upper support bars will rest on the top of the trunk lid. You should know that the lower support bars will rest above or below the license plate, of course depending on the type of vehicle you have.

Step 2

Next, you need to attach the hooks for the upper straps to the top edge of the trunk lid. Make sure you tighten the straps while holding the rack in position to prevent it from moving as you tighten.

Step 3

OK, now you need to attach the hooks for the lower straps to the bottom edge of the trunk lid. Make sure these are tightened securely. If everything is done correctly, the rack should no longer be able to move up and down the trunk lid.

Step 4

The last step implies attaching the hooks for the side straps to the side edge of the trunk lid. Again, made sure the straps are tightened as the rack should be held securely in position and unable to move in any direction.

This is all about on how to install a trunk-mounted rack.


Our next section is dedicated to the installation of roof-mounted racks.

Step 1

Place the rack onto crossbars. Open the front clamp. Turn the front knob counter-clockwise to open the front of the clamp. Then, open the rear clamp. At this time, it may be necessary to turn the bolt to allow it to pass through the slot in the clamp. Lower the front clamp into place over the front crossbar. Next, slide the jaw of the rear clamp under the rear crossbar.

Step 2

Tighten clamps. Tighten the rear lamp then close it around the rear crossbar. The next move implies tightening the front clamp by turning the knob clockwise to completely tighten the front clamp around the crossbar.

Step 3

Adjust clamp if necessary. If you don’t get a secure grip with your factory bars, adjust your clamp. These chose the best position for most secure grip.

As a final advice, please check the front wheen attachment to a bicycle frame and make sure your tires are filled to the recommended pressure found on the tire.

We hope you found this enjoyable and useful and that we’ve helped with your decision in getting some exercises during this summer holidays.