BUZZ RACK Entourage 3-Bike Platform Hitch Rack, Fat Bike Compatible with Additional Purchase of The kit


If you’re looking for a hand when planning a new bike adventure with your freshly grown family or trying to ease the process of getting your best buds on to the back of their bikes and on the unbeaten paths, the Entourage 3 bike platform hitch rack may just be the choice for you.

Make your family cycling sessions more enjoyable and get rid of the stress brought by loading the bikes when you embark on a new mission in the unknown, with this versatile and convenient hitch mount bike rack from Buzz, that fits 1-1/4’’ and 2’’ receivers and requires no overhead lifting or wheel removal when loading the three bikes it can carry, that can be of almost any frame design or wheel size. But it is always better to challenge what you hear or read, let’s dive into the features of the product, to see if it is a fit for you.

Key Features

  • The adaptability is queen when it comes to the Entourage platform hitch bike rack, as it easily fits women’s, kid’s, road, mountain, full suspension or 29 per bikes.
  • This is completed by the security provided through the Buzz hitch mount rack, as the no-fuss ratchet straps and padded frame clamps and lock the three bikes down with the integrated clamp locks.
  • Thinking about how you’ll access the rear of your vehicle with the rack mounted on the hitch or even with the bikes on the rack? Well, the Entourage is built for convenience, as it is easy to tilt down, or even to fold up flat when no bikes are mounted, to facilitate parking and storage.
  • Add all that to a stylish and durable finish and you’ll obtain the Entourage, the hitch mount bicycle carrier that can adapt to almost any situation.
  • Although, with its low positioning that facilitates access to the trunk, the 3 bike platform hitch rack is not recommended for cars that have a centrally positioned exhaust, as the bicycle tires or wheel supports would be exposed to burning or melting.
  • But the security of your bike is not everything, especially if you’re going on a new adventure with your family, the BuzzRunner H3 hitch mount rack coming with a locking anti-sway bolt, that will prevent most of the rattling coming from the rack while driving.
  • All the security and adjustability is nicely combined with care when it comes to this Buzz hitch mount rack, its locking clamps being big enough to fit most bike frames, but also preventing scratching the bike paint and allowing most brakes cables to go through. These clamps are highly resistant and reliable, being made of reinforced nylon and each of them being equipped with a locking knob.
  • Not only the security systems are resilient, but the product as a whole, because of its heavy-duty powder coated steel construction.
  • Moreover, the safety of others was also taken into account, as the BuzzRunner comes with a rear protective foam, just in case someone is too close when you reverse.
  • All of the above make this hitch mount bike rack an ideal choice for many because it is a compact (119 x 95 x 32.6 cm), lightweight (15.8 kg/35lbs), but strong platform hitch rack (maximum load capacity: 99 lbs.)

Number of Bikes

Hitch Receiver (in.)

1.25" and 2"




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