CURT 18086 Tray-Style Hitch-Mounted Bike Rack

CURT 18086 Tray-Style Hitch-Mounted Bike Rack

When the care for your most important companion in the adventures on the unbeaten path and the thrill of taking on a new, exciting challenge are the first two things you think of when deciding where the next ‘Tour de France’ will be for you, then you must take a look at this hitch mounted platform 4 bike rack from CURT.


Versatility, safety, functionality and comfort. These words describe the experience you’ll have before the adrenalin kicks in when you first have that feeling of freefall you get on the downhill that follows a hard worked climb. But this is not the only kind of adventure you can enjoy if choosing the tray-style hitch mount rack from CURT.

By this I mean that either you enjoy learning new tricks with your friends or family on a BMX, teaching your son or daughter about the true meaning of an exploration on the back of a bike, taking on challenges and long road trips with a super-fast 2 wheel metal friend, the range of bikes that can be safely and stylish transported is wide with this platform bicycle carrier. But let’s dive deeper into its features and discover why all of the above and more are direct consequences of choosing the right hitch mounted bike rack.

Key Features

  • The tray-style and three points of contact make the support system of this hitch bike rack one of the most secure there is.
  • You can rest assured that no scratches or nicks will damage your bike, because its cradles hold the bike from the wheels, not leaving it hanging by the crossbar.
  • The safety of transportation is completed by the versatility that comes with this 4 bike platform rack, because of the third padded arm, flexible and adjustable, firmly secures any bike, whether we’re talking about a huge adult mountain bike or a single-gear kids one.
  • In addition, we’re sure you’ll be pleased by the comfort and functionality of the hitch mount bike rack, as it comes with a tilt-away feature to allow the entire rack to tilt away from the vehicle, which eases the access to the trunk.
  • The adaptability and convenience are further enhanced by the possibility to extend this model’s capacity, from 2 to 4 bicycles (with a maximum capacity of 180 lbs.), with the 2” receiver tubes you can add.
  • Moreover, the tray-style hitch bike rack makes the loading and unloading the bikes a piece of cake, while the anti-wobble shank is there to prevent your trusted adventure partner from swaying on the road to new memories.
  • But we both know that security and functionality aren’t everything, and so do the folks at CURT, because they covered their platform hitch bike carrier with a durable black powder coat, just to make sure you and your bike always travel in style.

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