Pro-Series 63139 Duette Trunk Mount Bike Carrier


Pro-Series 63139 Duette comes with adjustable height to prevent fit issues, 4 straps for secure attachment, cushioned arms, compression knobs.


Pro-Series 63139 Duette 2-bike Trunk Bike Rack fits traditional, sport, mountain, or racing biking. The Duette from Pro Series offers a unique combination of affordability and versatility. The multiple fit settings, 4-strap system, and adjustable height ensure a proper and secure fit to most makes and models while the arched support tubes allow the Duette to conform to the shape of your vehicle, preventing shifting during travel to ensure a safe transport.

The Duette’s padded arms and cushioned cradles protect both your bikes and vehicle from abrasions and scratches. It is equipped with dual rear reflectors for increased night time visibility and it is powder coated to resist the scratches and rust. Designed with stylish function, the Duette¬†2-bike trunk bike rack has everything you would expect from an industry leader.

Key Features

  • Engineered compression knobs that create superior engagement to eliminate shifting during transport
  • Padded arms and cushioned cradles
  • Adjustable height to prevent fit issues
  • Arched support tubes, rotating feet, multiple fit settings, and 4-strap system
  • Integrated rear reflector for easy night time visibility


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