Pro-Series 63134 Q-Slot 2 Black 2-Bike Hitch Mounted Bike Carrier


Make sure your performant bike gets to the beginning of your new exciting journeys, in a cool looking and convenient manner, with the Q-Slot hitch bicycle carrier, that also offers you high levels of versatility and adjustability.

When you have a passion, you want to get the best out of every aspect of it. And when it comes to cycling, we’re sure you make no compromise regarding the high-performance bike you have. But wouldn’t it be a shame if it got damaged during the car-ride towards award deserving cycling sessions? That’s exactly what the Pro-Series experts had in mind when designing the Q-Slot 2 bike hitch mount rack. And when you have a passion for cycling, that almost certainly means that every detail counts when it comes to planning and going in new adventures, so let’s see if the features of this hitch mount bike rack will live up to the standards.

Key Features

  • The looks are not everything when we’re talking about this platform hitch rack, as is A-Coat and powder coat sleek finish is also rust resistant and reliable.
  • If versatility is what you need, look no further, because the Q-Slot fits 1 ¼” and 2” receivers, while its fully adjustable wheel slots will allow you to mount almost every type of bike there is.
  • Security is in its own habitat with this bicycle hitch carrier, due to its tilting vertical stabilizer, its rise shank for extra road clearance and its bolt-on 2” shank adapter.
  • As you might have noticed up to this point, almost every element of this hitch mount rack is adjustable, but the convenience goes even further, due to the center tube of the rack that tilts for rear bike access and to the compact storage that characterizes the product.
  • All of the above are gracefully combined with attention for your passion and care for your bike because the padded contact points and the mentioned stabilizer help to ensure that your high-performance frame will not be harmed.
  • It is also worthy to be mentioned that this durable, versatile and secure 2 bike platform hitch rack is also lightweight (only 32.2 lbs.) and compact (34.8 x 11.4 x. 7.9 inches).



Number of Bikes

Hitch Receiver (in.)

1.25" and 2"




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