Saris Freedom EX 2-Bicycle Universal Hitch Rack


Saris Freedom EX 2-Bicycle Universal Hitch Rack


For those like you, that enjoy the wildest expeditions on the back of their bike and cherish the thrill given by each adventure, versatility is key. But this also stands for the Freedom EX 2 bike hitch mount rack, from Saris.


For a bike ride in the wild to be a completely delightful experience, the road trip to and from that sweet spot must be a cool ride too. And for that to happen, we’d imagine you need a lightweight hitch bike rack, that can securely transport your most trusted companion, in a fashionable manner. Thus, let the thrill begin since you leave your comfy house and don’t let anything spoil the fun, even if the road is bumpy or crowded, by taking advantage of the safety, convenience and versatility of Freedom EX 2 bicycle hitch rack. But don’t take our word for it, see if it fits your needs for yourself.

Key Features

  • Being built on a single bar from Midwest raw materials, the adaptability of the Freedom EX is unmatched, resulting in a sleek, minimalistic design that includes maximum hauling capacity in an easy-to-maneuver footprint.
  • The 27 lbs. hitch mount bike rack can safely carry 2 bikes (at 60 lbs. each), no matter of the bike style.
  • Moreover, the ease-of-use is further enhanced by the fact that this 2 bike hitch rack can be tilted even when fully loaded, giving you easy access to the trunk.
  • But the best part comes in when we’re talking about the versatility of the product, because it carries the widest variety of bike combinations, due to its universal wheel trays (that fit tires up to 4” wide) and to its 48” supported wheelbase, that can be prolonged with the long wheelbase bar, separately bought (where do you put that its universal hitch works with 1¼” and 2″ hitch receivers).
  • The security of the bike on the hitch mount rack was not neglected either, as it features integrated locking cables and reflectors, that ensure another level of security and visibility, day and night (this is further enhanced by the locking hitch pin, that ensures the rack is properly attached to the car).
  • Safety of transportation is taken to the next level though, by the wheel trays with straps and the Cuscino encased down-tube cradle, that makes sure your bike is firmly held to the rack.
  • Adaptability is another trait that impresses at this hitch platform bike rack, as it fits nearly every type or combination of bikes, from those with fenders, mountain bikes, eBikes, balance bikes, and unicycles.
  • All of the above come in a cool and minimalistic design, the product is no larger than 49 x 15 x 12 inches.

Additional information



Number of Bikes

Hitch Receiver (in.)

1.25" and 2"




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