Saris Freedom SuperClamp 2 Bike Rack


When you’re looking for new, unbeaten paths to discover on the back of your bike and next to your most trusted partner, one of the essential things is getting your bikes to the destination and back without a scratch on the way. The Freedom SuperClamp 2 bike hitch mount rack might be up for the job.

One can say that your passion for cycling is as strong as the passion that the guys at Saris put in when building gear that protects your bike. We’re saying this because they are one of the first to completely eliminate frame contact when securing the bike to the hitch mount rack (done with front and rear wheel hooks).

Just like you like your new adventures (at whole new level), the producers of this hitch mount bike rack claim to raise the bar when it comes to tray hitch racks performance, “by changing the bar completely”. Thus, let us discover the features that make the Freedom SuperClamp 2 bike hitch rack adjustable, secure, versatile and convenient.

Key Features

  • This Saris 2 bike rack is one of the most secure hitch mount bicycle carriers on the market (due to the front and rear wheel hooks), the SuperClamp 2 is half the weight of similar products (only 32 lbs.).
  • In the meantime, the strength of the product is to be reckoned with (being able to carry 2 bikes at a maximum weight of 60 lbs. each).
  • Nonetheless, convenience was not forgotten here, because its integrated lock arms that ratchet onto case hardened brackets simplify the loading and unloading of your bikes and all of this comes preassembled (which makes this tray bike rack the wish your bike would have asked for if it had the chance).
  • Versatility is also there in multiple forms, whether we’re talking about your hitch (the 2 bike hitch rack works with both 1-1/4” and 2“ hitches) or the wheelbase of your bike (it fits all the bikes with the wheelbase up to 48” out of the box and it can be enhanced with the long wheelbase bar, bought separately), supporting a max tire width of 2.25” (this means that your SuperClamp will fit the fat-tire bike of yours).
  • The safety of transportation is well combined with adjustability, as this Freedom tray bike rack includes a locking hitch pin and rack-integrated locking cable, alongside its adjustable locking arms.
  • Convenience is furthermore expanded, as the tilting feature of the 2 bike hitch rack allows for easy access to the rear of your vehicle.
  • The USA made hitch mount bike rack and all the advantages mentioned above come in a compact package, no larger than 49.6 x 15.8 x 11 inches.



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