Swagman Race Ready Roof Mount Bike Rack


Mount your bike to the roof of your car without being forced to remove the front wheel with Swagman’s Race Ready, a rooftop, frame-mount bike rack that doesn’t even touch the frame of your bike.

Proceed into the adventure of discovering unknown paths on the seat of your bike without removing the front wheel till you get there, with the Race Ready, rooftop, frame bike rack, that has zero contact with the frame and thus protecting your bike even more.

But let’s see if this bicycle carrier is the one for you, by looking at its features:

  • This Swagman bike rack can carry 1 bike upright, while being carbon bike frame friendly, because of its locking ratcheting that only grabs the wheels
  • Its versatility isn’t to recon with, due to the fact that the frame bike carrier fits all wheel sizes from 20” to 29” and up to 5” fat tires
  • You get even more adaptability with the universal mount that it comes with, which fits square, round and up to 3.5-inch oval crossbars. But wait, there’s more: with the additional 70mm bolts included, to fit larger diameter crossbars
  • The safety of transportation is also not forgotten by this frame-mount bike rack, its rear wheel ratchet strap firmly holding the bike and secure its wheels
  • Swagman also took care of the convenience that its product delivers, through the fact that it can be assembled in just a few minutes and the ratchet arm can be folded down when not in use, also being aesthetically appealing


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