Meet convenience and versatility with the Thule Apex XT bike hitch rack (Product review)

A stable and easy to install bike hitch rack, made for families.

Meet convenience and versatility with the Thule Apex XT bike hitch rack (Product review)

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Patented swing-away design for convenient access.

Family Rack

Ideal for family ride with plenty of space between bikes.

Superior Stability

Superior bike stability and fit with integrated anti-sway.

Meet convenience and versatility with the Thule Apex XT bike hitch rack

Designed to fit different sizes of hitch receivers, the Thule Apex XT bike hitch rack is a premium hanging rack, ideal to fit up to four bikes quickly and securely on your SUV or Passenger Car. The rack comes with anti-sway cradles, which will prevent the potential contact between the bikes during your trip and also the patented swing-away design is convenient for vehicle access, when the bikes are attached to the rack. You will be able to easily access the luggage in your trunk whenever needed, just by swinging the rack away. Your bikes will be secured and safely carried to your destination.


Capacity2, 4 or 5 bikes

Hitch size: 1.25″ and 2″ (2″ for swing-away version)

Bike compatibility: bikes with fenders, kids’ bikes

Best formountain and road bikes


Ergonomic loading

Convenient access to the rear of the vehicle

Easily fold down bike arms when rack is not in use

Superior bike stability

Accommodates 20″ and even some 16″ kid’s bikes

LOWS (-)

A bit difficult to load

Not well suited to full suspension bikes

Ease of assembly

The Thule Apex XT bike hitch rack is easy to install and quick to lock to your car due to the tool-free, Snug Tite Stinger (lock included), which is the perfect travel solution. The installation details and elements will be provided to you, and you’ll be able to secure the rack to your car easily, following the instructions. Some of the bolts are a bit difficult to tighten due to their position, making access with the included wrenches tedious. Two people on the job could be ideal. To install the carrier, slide the hitch arm into the receiver and snap the spring-loaded pin into the hitch pinhole. Then to fully secure the rack, turn the knob at the base of the rack several times to “tighten” the carrier within the receiver. Also, the rack can be easily tilted away from your vehicle to gain access into the rear hatch, if necessary.


The Thule Apex XT is ideal for a wide variety of bike sizes or frame styles. The rack supports many types of bikes, as city, mountain or even fat bikes, but doesn’t support tandem bikes. You can easily and safely store your bikes in the rack and travel to the destination. The hitch mount bike carrier also folds down easily when the rack is not in use, for convenient storage purposes.

If you buy the 4-bike version you will get a maximum weight capacity per bike of 37.5 lb while the distance between bikes is 7 inches.  When bike-to-bike contact is present, it is a possibility to damage your bikes when the car is in motion. The compact cradle design accommodates wide variety of bike sizes and frame styles. Thule Apex lacks the versatility of other racks such as Thule T2 Pro XT or KAC Overdrive K2 and sometimes children’s bikes or small bikes can also be a challenge.


The important thing to remember when you’re traveling with your bikes attached to the Thule Apex XT Bike Hitch Rack is to respect all the driving rules required by the authorities, drive safely and never above 80mph. In order to keep your bikes secured to the rack, you must comply with the weather conditions, local traffic signs (e.g. strong wind, speed bumps, bumpy road) or other requirements met on your journey.


The integrated cable lock that comes with the Thule Apex XT allows full security to your rack and bikes, when you’re on the move, but also when you’re away from the vehicle. The rack is fully anti-theft secured, easy to lock in and nearly impossible to break.

What makes the Thule Apex XT Bike Hitch Rack stand out?

The Thule Apex XT Bike Hitch Rack is a versatile hitch mount bike rack that will make your trips and bike rides easier to manage.

This premium hitch bike rack for SUVs comes with a superior bike stability and fit with integrated anti-sway that prevents bike contact only when it is needed. It locks the bike to the rack using the integrated cable lock which will be included in your purchase and will assure a safe distance of 7” between each bike. The Thule Snug Tite Lock included is an innovative feature that assures safe and stable transportation of your bikes. You can also attach and secure your bikes with ratcheting cradle strap, for an extra-safe trip.

It is a family bike rack, suitable for numerous family members or for your weekend getaways with your friends. This could be the right choice because this type of bike hitch rack will allow you to:

  • You can fit up to four bikes on the rack, but you can also travel safely with 2 or 3
  • The Apex XT Bike Hitch rack is versatile and fits multiple types of bikes, from city bikes to mountain or fat bikes.
  • The installation process is easy to follow and the locking system is quick, requiring only a key.
  • It is lighter that other similar bike hitch racks.
  • It works perfectly with both 1.25″ and 2″ hitch.
  • The included pads will protect your bikes from getting scratched on the road

This Thule hitch mount bike carrier is different than the main competitors, as Yakima Hold Up 2,ot only due to the professional look and feel, but also the features and the innovative locks it comes with, which are a game changer for the industry. It comes fully equipped with the items you’d need for a safe trip, and also allows room for mistakes, offering two replaceable locks and keys for security reasons.

Technical Specifications


As a last thing to remember when you decide to purchase this type of carrier is to always check the knob mechanism every few miles when you’re on the road, so it doesn’t get loose. This is only a safety precaution, but very important to consider when you’re loading your bikes to the rack. The Thule rack might get loose if it’s not correctly closed.

As a final note, the Thule Apex XT Bike Hitch Rack will definitely improve the logistic part of your trips, so you can enjoy them with your family or friends. It is rated as Exceptional on Amazon, with a five star review received from 73% of a 550 total who rated the item.