SUV trunk bike racks are available with maximum capacities from 1 to 4 bikes. The prices vary from $30 to $500 and even more, depending upon bike rack construction, theft protection, and other features. An adapter bar might be required if your bike doesn’t have a horizontal crossbar or its frame is too small

bestselling trunk bike racks

Allen Sports Ultra Compact Folding 1-bike

The Allen Sports MT-1 ultra-compact 1-bike trunk carrier delivers all of the benefits of a full featured bike rack, built on a rugged steel frame. Easy transport and storage when not in use.

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Hollywood Racks F4 Heavy Duty 4-bike

An exclusive dual positioning trunk bike carrier that allows a custom fit on most sedans, SUVs and minivans. High strength tie down buckles and straps ensure a secure fit for heavy loads.

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top rated hitch racks for suv

Top-Rated Trunk Racks

Considered best trunk bike racks, these carriers will adapt to almost any bike or vehicle, will not damage bicycles and you will safely arrive at the destination. The design is impressive, they are robust and sturdy and are ideal for short or occasional journeys.

Thule Raceway PRO
Premium 2-bike hanging-style trunk bike rack. Easy to use, secure and strong.
Hollywood Racks F2
The new Over-the-Top trunk bike rack features an adjustable high rise frame which prevents strap contact with the spoiler.
Saris SUPERBones 3-bike
Reimagined Bones trunk bike rack. More intuitive, more beautiful and more secure than ever.

1-Bike Trunk Mount Racks

1-bike trunk mount bike racks are the cheapest ones and the most popular ones are being sold by Allen Sports. These features steel construction, compact folding design, dual compound cradles while they fit most SUVs, minivans, sedans and hatchbacks.

2-Bike Trunk Mount Racks

2-bike trunk bike carriers are more popular than 1-bike ones and with a higher price. Saris, SportRack, Thule, Hollywood Racks come with the most advanced features like arc-based design, steel frame construction, grooved rubber cradles, Road Dampening Technology and more.

3-Bike Trunk Mount Racks

While Saris Bones 801 is a best selling trunk bike carrier for 3 bikes, there are other ones in the market that do their job,
like Yakima KingJoe, Saris Super Bones, Bones RS and more.

Best Seller
$46.00 $40.00
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4-Bike Trunk Mount Racks

4-bike SUV trunk bike racks are less popular since people will look more for a hitch-mounted in this case. However, one of the best selling 4-bike trunk bike carriers is F4 Heavy-Duty from Hollywood Racks or Allen Sports Deluxe.

Best Seller
$149.99 $121.78
$189.99 $134.99

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How to Choose the Best Trunk Bike Rack for SUV?

Choosing the best SUV trunk bike rack might be a bit overwhelming especially when you take into consideration bike type, vehicle compatibility or number of bikes. You should consider the following questions:

  • What kind of bikes do I need to carry?
  • How many bikes?
  • What features should I look for?
  • Will a trunk bike carrier fit on my SUV?

A trunk mounted bike rack rests on the back or trunk of your SUV or vehicle, held in place by straps that connect to the hatch, trunk or bumper. It is one of the most popular choices due to its simplicity and affordability. Depending on how the rack was installed you still may be able to have access to your trunk with the bike carrier installed.

It is a good choice if you have standard bikes, will go on occasional trips, you don’t have a crossbar or hitch on your vehicle, or you want the most economical choice.

Bike compatibility – SUV trunk bike racks work best with standard-frame bicycles that have a horizontal crossbar and a large frame. One the rack is installed, the horizontal crossbar will ensure the bicycles have enough ground clearance while rack’s arms will fit inside the frame. Bikes with small frames, women’s bikes, children’s bikes or step through frames will not always fit on a trunk mount bike carrier. So you need racks with wide arm spacing like Thule Passage, Pro Series Duette or with narrow arm spacing like Thule Archway XT, Saris Bones 3-bike that will be a good fit. An adapter bar might be required if your bike doesn’t have a horizontal crossbar or its frame is too small.

Features – Extra features will enable trunk mount bike racks to be more convenient and useful. Most carriers are made of steel (Thule Passage, Hollywood Racks Over-the-top, Yakima HalfBack), injection molded plastic (Saris Racks) or gas-injected nylon (Thule Raceway Pro). If you want to protect your bicycles and rack from theft, you should consider cables to lock your bikes to the carrier and straps to lock your rack to vehicle (Note that some racks have built-in locks). Built-in anti-sway cradles, adjustable fit system, or straps to hold the rack on your SUV are another features that needs to be taken into consideration.


It can carry up to 4 bikes, affordable, good choice for occasional trips, it can be used on most SUVs, minivans, sedans, it is not permanently attached to the vehicle, easy to store, extremely easy to install, easy to exchange between cars.


May not be compatible if the car has a spoiler, least secure, bicycles may obstruct rear license plate or taillights, may be difficult to lock bicycles to rack, requires some maintenance during transit.


Least expensive rack style while carrying up to 4 bikes.


Steel construction, theft protection, anti-sway, adjustable arms.


Anti-sway cradles to keep bikes from swaying, 6 straps to hold rack fixed.


Can accomodate standard frame bikes and alternative frames using adapters.





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