About Us

We don’t like compromising when it comes to your passion for cycling. And we know how important your bike is. It deserves a sturdy, styled and safe rack built with bike and vehicle protection in mind. We are here to help you get one.

Here at Bike Rack for SUV, we don’t like compromising when it comes to our passion for cycling. We spend hundreds of hours putting together all the information you need, from looking at the bestselling, top rated, new bike carriers on the market from the most popular manufacturers, until technical specifications of each bike rack and giving you the possibility to compare them. Naturally all of this experience has taught us how to give you the best bike carriers based on your needs so you can make the best purchase.

We’ve done the research. Now, we want to get you setup with the best possible back rack without all the hassle.

  • You don’t want to struggle with a cumbersome or poorly-designed rack. When it’s time to ride, the last thing any of us wants is to be tied to the back of our SUV by a web of ridiculous straps.
  • You want a rack that will keep your bike safe and secure. Who wants to worry about their precious, and often costly, bike falling from your roof or rear hatch? A secure rack isn’t just common sense – it’s a matter of safety.
  • You want a rack that will grow with you and never leave you wanting. It might be tempting to just “buy something for now” to get the job done, but that often ends up being a waste of time and money. By choosing the right rack from the get-go, you’ll have a piece of gear that will serve you for years to come.

Okay, so choosing a rack that accomplishes all of the above might seem difficult, but remember… that’s why we’re here! We just want to make sure you’re satisfied, safe, and ready to ride!