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This guide is intended to simplify matters for you rather than make them more complicated, so let’s take a look at the top bike carriers from each category. Just scroll to the right type of SUV bike rack:

HITCH Bike Racks

The hitch-mounted bike rack for SUV is the most versatile, has a variety of styles and can carry up to 5 bikes. It is required a trailer hitch though. It is the easiest way to carry multiple bikes on your vehicle and it will not damage the car paint. You have two main types to choose from: hanging and platform. You can explore hitch bike racks from brands like Kuat, Allen Sports, Yakima, or Thule.


  • Can hold up to five bikes
  • Easiest way to carry multiple bikes
  • No damage to vehicle body or paint job
  • Easy to load and can support bikes of any weight in a tray and secure by clamping front wheels
  • Easy to lift and secure the bikes into position
  • Great for heavier bikes due to the low loading height
  • Come in different sizes and shapes
  • Largest variety of styles

Best Hitch Bike Racks

kuat nv_3

Kuat NV Rack

Best…Secure…Sturdy! The perfect rack for hauling fancy rides and looks amazing. NV’s anti-rattle mechanism is sturdy and comes in handy for those times when the road is bumpy. It will fit 1.25 in or 2 in receivers and can hold up to 120lbs. Kuat NV can hold up to 2 bikes and 13 inch between bikes. There’s even a built-in repair stand for easy clean up. Folds up and tilts down quickly. Perfect for  free-ride, downhill, large bikes. You can increase the capacity to 4 bikes with this feature. Read more customer reviews here.
Our score: 10/10

Available from: Amazon

Yakima Ridgeback_1

Yakima RidgeBack

Yakima RidgeBack is available on 2, 4 or 5 bike options and fits 1.25″ and 2″ hitch receiver. There is no assembly required out of the box which is amazing. What is truly fantastic is that even over large bumps at 70+ mph there was no evidence of any shifting of the load, bikes remaining secure. It can fit both adult and children bikes. RidgeBack tilts back about 45 degrees giving enough clearance for easy vehicle rear access. The lock cable allows the locking of the bikes to protect against theft. Read more customer reviews here.
Our score: 9/10

Available from: Amazon

Hollywood Racks Sport Rider 4

Hollywood Racks Sport Rider 4-bike

The Sport Rider 4 is seen as a very stable and sturdy bike rack. It is more than capable of handling the long-haul or short distances. With its padded universal top clamp, flexible wheel holders, and its ability to carry four bikes at once, will fit almost any style of bike. All that it requires to secure the bike to the frame is basically dropping the bike into the wheel holders, then sliding the self-locking wheel fastener to the lock position. When not in use, can be folded flat against the car and can be tilted down for ease of use. Read more customer reviews here.
Our score: 9/10

Available from: Amazon

Thule platform 2-bike_1

Thule T2 Platform

Thule never stops surprising us. Thule Platform hitch rack comes with SecureHook that includes integrated cable lock just to make sure the bike is secure without making frame contact. The smart Hitch Switch TM lever folds and stores the platform when not in use or it even tilts down for rear of vehicle access. You can fit 20 to 29-inch wheel diameter bikes with up to 3-inch wide tires. You will not need to worry about security as the adjustable wheel strap will secure the back wheel to tray in no time. Read more customer reviews here.
Our score: 8/10

Available from: Amazon

TRUNK Bike Racks

Trunk mount bike rack for SUV is the most cost effective way to carry bikes on most vehicles. This rack works by clamping to your vehicle with 4-6 rubber-dipped metal hooks, and rubber pads that are secured to your bumper, trunk or rear window for support. You can explore trunk bike racks from brands like Allen Sports, Saris, Yakima or Thule.


  • Can hold up to 4 bikes
  • Most cost efficient 
  • Requires the least amount of installation and storage
  • Can keep front wheels intact
  • Has padded or indented cradles to hold the frame
  • No overhead lifting required
  • Can easily use on another vehicle without hassle
  • Great option for rental cars

Best Trunk Bike Racks

Saris Bones 801 _5

Saris Bones 805 2-bike

Saris Bones 805 is also one of the toughest, environmentally-friendly, and injection molded racks on the market. Easy, sturdy, and simple to remove and put back on again rack. It uses anti-sways along with interconnected rubber feet to protect the finish on your vehicle during transport. Some used it for long distances as well as short distances and found that the Saris 805 Bones handles well in either condition, plus it stays in place. It fits just about any vehicle – from sedans to mini-vans and allows for easy access because of its trunk-mounting capability. Read more customer reviews here.
Our score: 9/10

Available from: Amazon

F4 Heavy Duty

Hollywood Racks F4 heavy duty 4-bike

If your road trips call for mountain bikes or heavier bikes in general, then the F4 heavy duty 4-bike trunk mount rack is the one for you.  This rack fits most sedans, SUVs, and minivans. The dual position trunk or bumper can carry up to 4 bikes easily and has an integrated tie down strap which safeguards your bikes against bumpy roads.  It comes equipped with motorcycle tie-down buckles along with additional side straps for more security. It comes fully pre-assembled and folds flat for easy storage. Read more customer reviews here.
Our score: 9/10

Available from: Amazon

Saris Bones 801 _5

Allen Sports Premier 4-bike

Allen Sports Premier rack is exceptionally well-made. Many enjoyed the idea that the bike holders are well-spaced and can accommodate a variety of bicycles. The Allen Sports rack is a lot heavier compared to other racks in the same category, but that’s a feature that makes it capable of securely carrying heavier types of bikes (e.g., mountain bikes). The metal hooks at the end of the straps is not ideal for most due to the possibility of causing damage to your vehicle, however, many suggested using foam to cushion them. Read more customer reviews here.
Our score: 8/10

Available from: Amazon

Thule passage 4

Thule Passage 3-bike

This rack was very easy to install and can be attached on the trunk or hatchback of your vehicle. Flexibility, no-sway and no-hassle features are nice advantages for Thule Passage. It can carry 2 or 3 bikes and is super sturdy. Versatile carrier for most cars and fits both men and women bikes. Bike support arms conveniently fold down when not in use. Read more customer reviews here.
Our score: 8/10

Available from: Amazon

ROOF Bike Racks

The Roof bicycle racks for SUV will give you a variety of mounting options for your bike. That includes the frame mount, fork mount and wheel mount. It has also the ability of carrying more bikes as compared with many trunk or hitch mounted carriers. More so, convenience is also a benefit of using this. The rack will remain mounted even if it is not in use. However, it will require to have a base roof rack installed. You can explore roof bike racks from brands like Thule or Yakima.


  • Most versatile
  • Great option for SUV’s lower to ground
  • Locking forks into rack is most stable and secure
  • Won’t damage paint job or body
  • Can be adapted in order to how many bikes are desired
  • Easy to install if your vehicle has crossbars
  • Multi-purpose uses for other equipment (skis, surfboards, snowboards, cargo boxes etc.)
  • Can support odd framed bikes
  • Usually comes equipped with a security strap to lock up bikes

Best Roof Bike Racks

Yakima Forklift_2

Yakima Forklift

Yakima is in competition with itself. There is no other explanation for the design and features it equipped the ForkLift 1-bike Roof Rack. The model comes with an easy-to-adjust sliding wheel tray to fit a wide range of bike lengths. You will not have to worry about touching the painted surfaces of your bike, because this is not going to happen, not until the Yakima specialists are around. The ForkLift also fits most disk brakes and no tools are required for installation. Read more customer reviews here.
Our score: 10/10

Available from: Amazon

Thule Sidearm_1

Thule 594XT Sidearm

You will get maximum frame protection thanks to the Sidearm 594xt. This makes contact with the wheel only and not the frame. The SecureHook makes it all possible; and this is not all. It not only fits Thule rack systems, but also round bars and most factory mounted racks. It comes with amazing and versatile design for different types of frame designs. Thule thought about the danger corrosion can bring and equipped the model with a double-wall aluminum tray for maximum strength and rigidity.Read more customer reviews here.
Our score: 9/10

Available from: Amazon

Yakima Frontloader_3

Yakima FrontLoader

Another great bike rack comes from Yakima capable of maximizing access and gear transport. All these are possible thanks to the FrontLoader, a model created to fit round, square, factory or aerodynamic crossbars. You can leave the front wheel on for easy loading and no tools or assembly required. You will have no problems with holding the bike up while securing it as the FrontLoader does this for you. You will need to have the base rack system and it takes 5 minutes to install. Read more customer reviews here.
Our score: 9/10

Available from: Amazon

Yakima Raptoraero_1

Yakima Raptor Aero

The Yakima RaptorAero might be little, but has incredible capabilities. That’s right! You don’t have to remove the front wheel of your bike. It is perfect for bike frames with traditional diamond frame geometry, but also for bikes with fenders. It will only take 30 minutes to install and get this: you will not need tools to do it. This is how easy it is to mount the bike. Of course, you will need the base rack system, but Yakima took care of the rest when designing the RaptorAero 1-bike Roof Rack. Read more customer reviews here.
Our score: 9/10

Available from: Amazon


Spare tire bicycle racks are compact and easy to install. It comes in 2-bike versions since the weight is transmitted to the spare tire bracket. It can feature locking systems which secure your bikes to the rack, and also lock the rack to your tire.  You can explore roof bike racks from brands like Thule, Allen Sports or Yakima.

  • Can transport up to 2 bikes
  • No overhead lifting required
  • Integrated locking cable
  • Patented tie-down system
  • Doesn’t touch the bodywork 
  • Fits both oversized and regular tires
  • Won’t restrict access into cargo area of your vehicle. It willswing with the access door
  • Solid when attached properly

Best Spare Tire Bike Racks

spare tire rack

Allen Sports Deluxe 3-Bike

Designed to fit nearly all externally mounted spare tires. Patented design carries your bikes up high for protection. Sets up and installs on your spare tire in seconds. Read more customer reviews here.
Our score: 9/10

Available from: Amazon

Yakima spare tire bike rack

Yakima Sparetime

Powder-coated steel construction, Includes 60-inch locking cable, Anti-sway cradles, 2 integrated bottle openers, Dimensions: 13.75 x 30.5 x 18 inches (W x H x D). Read more customer reviews here.
Our score: 10/10

Available from: Amazon

Saris Freedom Spare Tire 2 Bike

Saris Freedom

Adaptable to right, left, or center positioned spare tires, Fully adjustable for most bikes, Ratcheting straps, Protective rubber Holders, Made in USA. Read more customer reviews here.
Our score: 10/10

Available from: Amazon

Hollywood Racks SR1

Hollywood Racks SR1

Fully adjustable and fully assembled, Folds flat for storage, Rugged strap system, Fast installation, Support arms can be centered for side-mounted tires. Read more customer reviews here.
Our score: 8/10

Available from: Amazon

What to Look for When Buying a Bike Rack?

It should be kept as simple as possible when developing criteria to narrow down what you are looking for in a SUV Bike Rack. It’s very important to know what kind of rack will fit your particular model of SUV. So knowing your vehicle will be paramount in making your final purchasing decision. Below you will find what to include in your criteria to find the best Bike Rack for your SUVs that fits your needs:

  • How many bikes do you plan to transport?
  • Do you also have kid’s bicycles?
  • What type of bike do you have?
  • Does your vehicle have a 1.25″ or 2″ receiver hitch installed? If yes, click here.
  • Does it have a spare tire? If yes, click here.
  • Does your vehicle come equipped with crossbars on the roof? If yes, click here.
  • How much are you willing to spend?
  • Which are the best Brands?

After you have taken this into consideration you should then look at how easy the bike rack is to use on a daily basis, how safe it will be to transport for your bikes and fellow motorists, the durability of the rack and how well the materials are. Everything before mentioned should be included in your criteria when closing in on your purchasing decision.

When You Will Know That it’s the Perfect Bike Carrier?

Finally after taking close consideration to all the info that has been presented, you should be armed well enough to go out and find the bike rack that is perfect for you. Ask yourself these questions and you will know for sure:

  • Will it work on my model of vehicle?
  • Is it durable enough?
  • Will it be easy to load and unload?
  • Can it transport the number of bikes I need?
  • How much room will it take up when I go to store it?
  • Will it damage my vehicle’s body or chip the paint?
  • Does it meet my safety requirements?
  • Does it have a warranty?
  • Does it allow me to secure my bikes thoroughly?
  • Can I easily access my cargo area when necessary?

If you can feel comfortable about answering YES to all the questions above then you will know that you have found the perfect rack for you and can confidently purchase without the nagging regret of buyers remorse that plague so many who lack research in their shopping habits and compulsively buy. Use this guide to stay out of that category and enjoy your new Bike Rack for SUV for a very long time!